My Experience Teaching In China So Far…

I have been teaching in China for a little over 2 years now and I’m really enjoying it! I’m teaching children from Kindergarten (3-4yrs) Junior (5-8) and Senior level (8-13) – I have loved the variety that it offers as every class is interesting.

As much as there are tonnes of great things about teaching like the energy the kids bring, the reward of seeing them learn and creating bonds with each student…teaching is hard. Sometimes you get kids who don’t listen, don’t want to be there or just don’t take to your lesson plans. Like any job, there are good and bad moments. I’m learning to be spontaneous, flexible and adaptable.

On the whole, I am having a positive experience so far and living in China is awesome. I get to travel, be immersed in a different culture and try a new profession – which is what I was looking for! I found my job through Jobservice China who made my move to China very simple and straightforward they provided me with all the assistance I needed and placed me in a great job with a decent salary and an apartment.

By Ben Wilkinson

How I Found Love In China.

China has been an amazing experience and I was even lucky enough to meet my husband during my time here. I have truly become part of a Chinese family and he has become part of my Australian family. Living and working in a completely different culture can be demanding at times but also very rewarding. I have learnt so much about Chinese culture and made many lifelong friends. My Chinese has improved and I enjoy conversing with the locals in our city. I learn a lot from them and they ask me questions and learn from me as well. It truly has been a rewarding experience living in China.
By Kylie Brunnel

My Experience As A Foreign Teacher In China.

China is one of the best places in the world to become a teacher. Most teachers that work here agree on the fact that working and living here is very convenient and rewarding. I have been working in various schools in different Chinese cities including Harbin, Jingmen and Shanghai, where I learned so much about the Chinese culture and its history. I’m going to talk a little bit about my experience in Shanghai. Shanghai is a great cosmopolitan city with a big population of foreigners from all walks of the globe. Certainly there are tons of international restaurants and interesting places to hang out with friends and family which will definitely tickle your fancy. Teaching here can be rewarding for international teachers because there are so many International and public schools that offer great benefits, including accomodation and fight tickets etc. My experience teaching in China has been great and rewarding so far, and I would definitely recommend people to come over to explore this beautiful country and delve into its the culture.

By Jabrane Faize

Professional Development, Great Compensation, and A Unique Cultural Experience? I’ll take it!

I’ve been in China for about two years, and I’ve fallen in love with so many aspects of the experience. I’ve now taught in many capacities, in training centers with young learners and adults, and as a tutor in a small education start-up – all of it is so rewarding. Perhaps the best thing about the work is that everyday is something different.

Outside of the workplace, I found myself tasting new foods, meeting new international friends, and seeing some of the wonders of the world. From my first job in Chengdu, I got to tick off bucket list items like exploring the biggest Buddha statue in the world in LeShan going to the golden summit on Emei mountain. On top of this, my daily life was very comfy, with pay enough to eat whatever I want, live in a spacious apartment, and even save for weekend travel.
More recently, I had the opportunity to co-found my own education company in Shanghai with some old friends and new connections I had made. From this experience, I got to learn a lot about the education industry in China and now I feel I’m poised to really leave my mark on it. Throughout my time in Shanghai, I often asked the staff at Jobservice China for various bits of advice concerning this industry, including regulations and job availabilities, and they always rushed to help me. A big thanks goes out to Kieran!
James Doerfler

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